Sexual Assault Services Lunenburg Queens (SASLQ) works to establish services for survivors of sexual assault has been many years in the making. In recent years, collaborative relationships among service providers have continued to strengthen and Be the Peace (another Second Story Women’s Centre initiative) successfully established a Sexual Assault Services (SAS) working group.

In 2013, a needs assessment revealed a lack of formal services for survivors of sexual assault in Lunenburg and Queens counties. These findings led to recommendations for safe and trauma informed services where decisions are made by the survivor and supported through a coordinated, community-based service delivery model.

In the winter of 2014 the new Liberal government identified the importance of creating a provincial strategy for preventing sexual assault. Along with this initiative they have granted two year funding to 6 agencies throughout the province to develop services for survivors of sexual assault. Second Story Women’s Centre and Harbour House collaborated to build a community-based service which adheres to best practices of care including trauma-informed training for first responders and support staff and a more survivor-centered approach where choice, information and sensitivity are optimized to mitigate further trauma. 

In 2015, SASLQ underheld an I Count campaign to give survivors a voice to say, "this happened to me".  The project also worked with community partners to host a trauma-informed training for providers with Dr. Lori Haskell.

Stacey Godsoe and Dianne Crowell facilitated coordination of this work. They established partnerships among key service providers and working partners, including South Shore Health, Police & RCMP, Schools Plus, and Community Services among others. All individual organizations have amended or created individual sexual assault protocols which are shared and communicated through signed agreements.  contact Second Story Women's Centre, call 902.640.3044. To contact Harbour House phone any time, day or night for assistance 1.888.543.3999 or 902.543.3999.

The founding committee:

From left to right: Top row, Be the Peace Co-coordinator Helen Lanthier, SASLQ Co-Coordinator Stacey Godsoe, Dr. Lori Haskell, SASLQ Co-Coordinator Dianne Crowell, Harbour House Executive Director Katherine McCarron. Bottom row, Be the Peace Co-Coordinator Sue Bookchin, Second Story Women's Centre Executive Coordinator Jeanne Fay.