Welcome to the website for Sexual Assault Services. If you are visiting because you have been recently sexually assaulted, click here. If you are seeking help for an assault more than five days ago, click here.

Sexual assault services are available at all hospitals in Lunenburg and Queens counties. This includes South Shore Regional Hospital inBridgewater, Queens Hospital in Liverpool, and Fishermen's Memorial Hospital in Lunenburg.

Whether or not you are physically hurt, you may go to the hospital and ask for an evidence kit to be collected. You do not have to file a police report to have a medical exam. Evidence from the exam can be stored anonymously for 5 years. Long term support and referral is also available.

Shelter can also be provided. Call Harbour House toll-free at 1-888-543-3999 any time of the day or night for assistance. For further support or referrals, call Second Story Women's Centre at 902-640-3044 during their business hours: Mon-Thurs 10-4 and Fri 10-1.

For additional sources of support, click on our contacts page